DarioHealth Corp. is a leading global digital health company with personalized, mobile health solutions. We believe in empowering people with chronic conditions, with more control and independence to manage their daily challenges and changes. We believe in harnessing the power big data, with the personalization of real-time engagement to give each person the unique insights and guidance they need to navigate their unique journey.

Diabetes is tough. Every day. Our flagship Dario® Blood Glucose Monitoring System people direct real-time access to track and monitor all facets of their diabetes from their blood sugar levels to exercise and diet, with actionable insights so they understand how their body is responding to their environment and actions, and what to do next. Our 100% data-capturing technology connecting our accurate glucose meter to their smartphone means that people with Dario have peace of mind to continue with their daily activities, knowing that Dario will alert them or their families if necessary.

Founded in 2011, the company is led by visionary CEO and Chairman, Erez Raphael. After years in software development and senior management roles at some of Israel’s leading high-tech companies, Mr. Raphael had a close encounter with diabetes and decided to channel all of his energies into combatting this disease that affects a fast growing number of people each year. Under his leadership, the company was uplisted to the Nasdaq market under the ticker name DRIO.

The Dario® Blood Glucose Monitoring System has  FDA, Canada health, Australia TGA and CE clearance and is and is currently available for sale in the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Belguim, Italy, The Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

DarioHealth also enables health service providers to leverage it’s dynamic, 100% data capturing Dario Engage Platform to monitor, engage with and manage diabetes populations.

Dario Intelligence leverages DarioHealth’s cloud-based data capturing platform and big data analytics to enable health & technology innovators, EMRs and other partners to harness the power of Dario’s cloud-based, real-time, 100% data capturing platform, big data and predictive analytics to research, run, optimize and auto-document their health-based projects.

Our team

Erez Raphael

Chief Visionary & CEO/Chairman

Zvi Ben-David


Dror Bacher


Olivier Jarry

Strategic Partnerships

Tracey Wielinski

Acting VP RA/QA/CL

Shmuel Herschberg

Director, Marketing & User Engagement

Adiel Levin

Director, Global Partnerships & Commercialization

Yinon Amir

Head of Software Innovation

Alon Yefet

Customer Relations Manager

Eitan Feinger

Director, R&D

Professor Itamar Raz

Medical Director

Dominique Wilkins

Legendary Customer

Dov Oppenheim

Co-Founder & Production Chief

Nir Ziv

Director of Operations

Yahel Nir

CPA, Corporate Financial Controller

Stephen Hart

Investor Relations

Demian Kniznik

Director of Quality

Eti Visbrot

Talent Manager

Janice Baker

Scientific Advisory

Susan Sloane

Scientific Advisory

Board of Directors

Hila Karah

Professor Richard Stone

Dennis M. McGrath

Colonel (IDF res.) Yalon Farhi

Allen Kamer

Dr. Malcolm Hoenlein

Dr. Yossi Bahagon

Rami Yehudiha

Advisory Board

Robert G. Faissal

Erez Levy

Dr. Peter Kash