Managing pain and injury

Dario Move, our clinically proven MSK solution, helps people improve strength and mobility and prevent injury.

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“I’ve been able to re-engage on a deeper level again with my family, with my children, [and] my grandchildren… Dario has helped me reclaim my life.”


“Amazing experience!
Not only am I standing…straight,
I have close to no pain at all.”


One powerful experience

Using advanced sensors, computer vision technology, and principles of behavioral science to keep users engaged for long-term success, Dario’s musculoskeletal solutions provide everything people need to address pain quickly, keep problems from coming back, and prevent injuries from occurring in the first place:

Smart, easy-to-use devices

Evidence-based assessments and tailored exercise programs

Highly personalized digital support

Live coaching

individual needs

Unlike other solutions, Dario’s integrated platform makes it easy for people with musculoskeletal (MSK) issues—and related conditions like diabetes and depression—to get on the path to better health.

“Multiple chronic conditions impact people in different ways. Dario meets each user where they are today and evolves with them as priorities change.”

Omar Manejwala, M.D., CMO

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Digital exercise therapy

Dario Move takes all guesswork out of managing pain and injury. Validated computer vision screenings provide accurate assessments, and personalized exercise programs are created and overseen by licensed physical therapists and trainers.

Proven results:

reduction in
severe pain

61% reduction in moderate pain

*The influence of a biofeedback “Upright Go” on the posture and pain of employees working on a screen, Haute Ecole Robert Schuman. Feb 2019.

Prevention, safety and

Move Upright is Dario’s posture training program that keeps people in alignment and reduces ergonomic risk.
A simple, small wearable device alerts users when they start to slouch.

Proven results:

76% posture

*EY Israel Pilot