Managing stress, anxiety, and depression

Our clinically proven mental health solution quickly connects people to the right kind of care.

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“I was able to go out and attend public functions. I used to be so nervous about stepping out of the house and talking to strangers.”


“I enjoyed the Dario powered by wayForward program very much! It gave me a new sense of understanding and new ways to cope with anxiety.”


One powerful experience

Mental health care is often difficult to find and access, keeping many people from receiving the treatment they need. Dario keeps users engaged for long-term success and provides everything people need to elevate their emotional health:

AI-driven assessments

Support from certified behavioral health coaches

Self-guided cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) programs

Seamless referrals

individual needs

Unlike other solutions, Dario’s integrated platform makes it easy for people with mental health issues—and related conditions like diabetes and pain—to get on the path to better health.

“Multiple chronic conditions impact people in different ways. Dario meets each user where they are today and evolves with them as priorities change.”

Omar Manejwala, M.D., CMO

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Connecting people to the right care

Dario uses an intelligent screener to make accurate clinical assessments and provide a range of treatment options. Users can take a self-guided program, work with a certified coach, or connect with a therapist through their benefits or health plan.

Proven results:


in anxiety

Proven results:


in depression

*UNC Research clinical outcomes – Reducing Depression and Anxiety and Productivity Levels in Individuals Using Dario Behavioral Health program

Self-Guided Programs

Dario’s evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) courses are ideal for mild to moderate issues related to sleep, stress, and anxiety. Short videos engage users in 20 different categories.

Proven results:

felt better

after treatment

Behavioral Health Coaching

Mental health professionals work with participants one-on-one, using evidence-based techniques to help each user meet their personal goals.

Integrated Client Programs

From traditional community-based therapy to tele-behavioral health, Dario can integrate partner resources to support navigation to the right care across all available solutions.