Integrated Digital Solutions​

A Single Approach to Manage
Diabetes, Blood Pressure,
and Weight

Dario Metabolic Solutions

Effectively managing common and frequently co-occurring cardiometabolic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and weight management requires a holistic approach focused on behavior change. Using a combination of innovative technologies and behavior science integrated in a single therapeutics platform, Dario’s metabolic health solutions provide everything people need to change the underlying behaviors to improve overall health.

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An Integrated

Dario combines innovative technologies – including our smart blood glucose meter, smart blood pressure cuff and smart weight scale – digital and human coaching in one app experience to make it easy for people to make changes that last.

Person-Centric Solutions

Dario’s integrated solution for diabetes, hypertension and weight management puts the person at the center of continuous and connected support to address overall health with a holistic approach.

Hyper-Personalized Experiences

Dario’s mature AI tailors each person’s experience using multi-year consumer engagement data and real-time user data, adapting over time as needs change to keep people engaged and on track over time.

Proven and Sustainable Results

Dario tailors the health management experience to each user, using continuous real-time data analysis to adapt each person’s journey as their preferences and needs change over time.