A Different Approach to Health Care

Sir William Osler, the father of modern medicine, once said that doctors should focus more on the kind of person who has a condition over the kind of condition a person has. When we see people as their conditions—instead of as people with conditions—healthcare falls short because it fails to respond to individual determinants of health.

At Dario, we believe that the healthcare experience can be changed for the better with simple, continuous, and connected care for health. We’re focused on putting better outcomes within reach for all people, through a combination of technology and human support that anticipates needs, understands motivations, and encourages healthy habits.

Our vision for a new approach to health and care has been evolving since we offered our first digital therapeutic solution for diabetes in 2011. We’re always listening—and responding—to what people want, and today we offer an integrated solution for diabetes, high blood pressure, weight management, pain, stress, anxiety, and depression.

More than 10 years of direct-to-consumer experience and over a quarter million people who trust us with their health have taught us what works and what doesn’t. We’re proud to maintain a 4.9 star rating on the App Store and an 80% year-over-year retention rate.

Using the principles of behavioral and data science, Dario engages people with relevant solutions that prioritize their preferences and needs. Our unique ability to hyper-personalize experiences makes Dario a meaningful part of people’s lives.

33 clinical studies validate the effectiveness of our solutions across therapeutic areas, and we’re conducting new research that shows how Dario’s integrated solution benefits people with overlapping conditions. We’re constantly learning how to make the right adjustments if a person with chronic pain is experiencing depression, for example, or if anxiety is making it more difficult for someone to manage their diabetes.

By providing the right type of care for overlapping conditions in a single solution, we can prevent the confusion and frustrations caused by separate logins, separate screenings, and separate coaches. Data and insights from separate solutions don’t inform each other, so recommendations from each become impersonal, nonadaptive, and often irrelevant.

Dario’s unified platform addresses multiple chronic conditions that share underlying behaviors. Members are always connected to the content, devices, and coaching they need for better health holistically, while our partners (employers, health plans, and provider networks) benefit from a seamless, scalable solution that provides access to data and eliminates vendor complexity.

I joined Dario five months after my father passed away from diabetes, and I know he could have benefited from the innovative care for health we provide. His experience was entirely centered around doctor’s visits, and the lack of day-to-day support made it much harder for him to maintain his health between appointments, when it mattered most. Today over half of people in the U.S. have chronic conditions, and more than a quarter have multiple chronic conditions. They, like my father, deserve better.

I’m proud to lead a company that’s changing this model and delivering tools that empower people with chronic conditions to take a better approach to healthcare as they live happier, more fulfilling lives.