Achieving Behavioral Health at Scale

Dario’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Omar Manejwala, recently joined an esteemed group of speakers at the Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech Summit. He spoke to the key challenges to achieving behavioral health at scale, including an insufficient number of providers, failure to integrate medical and behavioral care, and cultural barriers. He shared some provocative ideas around democratizing access to self-managed resources, the risks of digitizing a fragmented system and the issue of the highly paternalistic – ‘I know what you need’ – approach that’s still too often taken in healthcare.

By asking what matters to people rather than what is the matter with people, Dario overcomes the barriers to behavior change and addresses chronic disease. With digital therapeutics, personalized journeys and supportive coaching, Dario makes the right thing to do, the easy thing to do.

Take a look at Dr. Manejwala’s talk here: