Dario and Twill Join Forces to Shape the Future of Digital Health

There’s no single path to better health, but now there’s one unified solution


Digital health is undergoing a massive transformation as innovators evolve from offering point solutions to more integrated approaches. As Dario and Twill join forces, we are uniquely poised to answer that call and usher in the next generation of digital health. Our combined 23 years in the market has prepared us to meet the demands for more configurable and consumer-centric support backed by market-leading technology, an experienced team, and forward-looking partners ready to realize the promise of digital health.

Together, Dario and Twill create the most comprehensive and engaging digital health platform to provide best-in-class support for mental well-being, maternal health, and the costliest chronic conditions. Our unified approach will meet people where they are on their health journey and accelerate access to personalized support and connected care.

“I am energized by the tremendous potential to deliver better health and outcomes,” says Erez Raphael, Chief Executive Officer of Dario. “Both Dario and Twill have proven the impact of our solutions over the last decade. Combining our strengths within a unified platform that addresses multiple health needs in a seamless user experience represents a significant step forward to unlock the value of digital health for our members, clients, and partners.”

Dario and Twill share experience building clinically-driven solutions that address a wide range of physical and mental health needs. We had differing missions at the outset, but our progress mirrors the same commitment to improve health outcomes and in turn, provide greater value to our clients. The transaction creates immediate scale, with four of the top five top health plans, multiple Fortune 100 employers, and several major pharmaceutical companies as customers.

Dario started with a mission to help people manage their chronic conditions outside of traditionally limited access to a doctor. By applying decades of insights from our consumer experience, Dario delivers highly personalized support for diabetes, pre-diabetes, hypertension, weight management, musculoskeletal pain, and behavioral health. This approach has proven to drive results for a range of partners, spanning employers, health plans, global pharma, and telehealth providers.

Meanwhile, Twill has excelled in providing comprehensive mental and maternal health support through evidence-based programs, supportive communities, human-led coaching, and therapy. Twill’s solution is used by 3 of the 5 biggest health plans, Fortune 500 companies, pharmaceutical companies, and individuals around the world, covering more than 18 million lives.

Dario and Twill now combine a wealth of data and insights across individual care journeys to guide strategy across a wide range of health needs. Our unified set of solutions, delivering best-in-class outcomes, are now ready to optimize and scale for greater impact.

That starts with the ability to deliver a streamlined and holistic member journey. With industry-leading activation rates, Twill’s immediate access to mental health and well-being support significantly expands our reach across populations. We’re then able to keep members engaged through a variety of health and condition areas to meet their dynamic needs—Dario uses billions of consumer data insights to drive 80% retention after one year.

“We believe that addressing each person’s well-being is the key to delivering lasting behavior change. We’re aiming to reach more people by providing them with an approachable entry point to care and a more holistic solution to whole body health,” says Tomer Ben-Kiki, Twill co-founder and new Chief Operating Officer at Dario. “This partnership allows us to do more in one place, incorporating some of the most common and interconnected health conditions, to drive more value for both members and customers.”

“Not only does the combination of our complementary solutions address the market need for more integrated solutions, but merging two digitally-led companies enables us to continue innovating without the usual requirements for deep investment to deliver the ultimate value for our stakeholders: better outcomes at lower cost to accelerate profitability,” says Raphael.

One theme will remain consistent throughout the Dario x Twill experience: We are committed to guiding our members toward improved well-being with the right support at the right time, regardless of the diverse health challenges they face.

We are excited to share more in the months ahead as we start building the future of digital health together.

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We are excited to shape the next generation of digital health by combining our proven solutions and building a unified approach to meet people wherever they are on their health care journey.

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