DarioHealth + wayForward:
Complete Support for People with Chronic Conditions

The experience of chronic physical problems is often deeply entwined with emotional and mental health issues—it is estimated that up to one third of individuals living with serious chronic conditions experience symptoms of depression. Delivering truly integrated care is critical for helping such individuals take control of their overall health and reducing the burden of disease, globally.

To offer a complete solution for people with multiple physical and behavioral health concerns, we are thrilled to announce that DarioHealth has acquired wayForward, an innovative digital health platform focused on mental health and well-being. This news is especially meaningful for our two organizations during National Mental Health Awareness Month.

Recent events have led to an increase in awareness and acceptance for receiving emotional support; yet, more than half of Americans with behavioral health conditions fail to receive the care they need. Some of the reasons for this include not knowing that a mental health need exists, not having full knowledge of the specific type of care that is best suited, or how to access.

The clinicians and researchers at wayForward have designed an AI-enabled screening tool that guides users to specific interventions based on their needs and preferences. These interventions include self-directed digital programs that offer a convenient and effective path for many, as well as access to expert coaches, and therapists or a referral to more specialized care. No matter what an individual needs, wayForward’s digital platform can assess the situation and connect users to personalized care that’s proven to help people feel better.

This is evidenced by data that shows 82% of users report improvement after trying wayForward, and that the platform enjoys five times more engagement than traditional employee assistance programs. wayForward members benefit from an array of digitally available resources based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), positive psychology, mindfulness, and more.

A Model of Digital Care that Puts Each Person First 

With the addition of wayForward to the Dario family of solutions that help people manage their chronic physical conditions, users now have access to a whole new—and critical—dimension of care.

This is especially convenient and effective for people with multiple conditions, especially those who face the all-too-common scenario of diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and muscle pain—along with stress, anxiety, and depression—all at once.

Through Dario’s rich customer heritage and expertise in the use of dynamic personalization to drive engagement, we will now be able to intervene—with evidence-based, proactive solutions—at the earliest signs that emotional needs may be impacting physical health.

In the wake of the pandemic, the need for behavioral and emotional support has reached unprecedented levels. As an example, according to the Mercer National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans, organizations with 500 or more employees rank behavioral health their top well-being priority for 2021.

Because Dario and wayForward are aligned on building highly engaging and clinically effective solutions, we anticipate a rapid and seamless integration of wayForward’s capabilities into the family of DarioHealth solutions. This will go a long way towards reducing employer, payor, and provider healthcare costs and improving the quality of life for our users, whether they have physical conditions to manage, mental health needs, or a combination of the two.

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