New Research Validates a Single Integrated Approach to Multiple Chronic Condition Management

We are excited to announce the publication of a new study in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) that’s beginning to show the benefits of what all of us at DarioHealth have long known: an integrated approach to managing chronic conditions is a better approach than single, condition-specific programs.

Since chronic conditions commonly occur together and share many underlying behaviors, a holistic approach should be at the core of any effective health program. Dario’s comprehensive solution is designed to focus on the individual needs of each user to effectively change the behaviors associated with multiple conditions. This highly personalized, whole health experience is the reason Dario is able to deliver superior, sustainable multi-condition outcomes.

Our latest findings support our singular approach, suggesting that blood pressure reduction may serve as a mechanism of blood glucose reduction and offering evidence that managing multiple chronic conditions on one platform can be more effective at improving overall health than taking a single condition approach.

The study published in JMIR is just the beginning of Dario’s research looking at the power of an integrated platform, and we look forward to sharing future learnings in support of more holistic, person-centered care.

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