After many years of active service, including two tours in Afghanistan, Bronze Star Medal and Purple Heart recipient Mitch wasn’t going to let diabetes get the better of him. This was a battle he was going to face head on and win, with help and support from Dario.

Mitch started using Dario a year ago, and in only a short time he has reduced his A1c and improved his blood glucose levels.

Here’s what Mitch has to say about his journey with Dario

“I have never contacted you before now, but I wanted to share this with you. I have been using Dario for almost a year now. My first test with Dario was 160, yikes! Not good for a fasting test. And my A1c result from the VA medical center was 7.0.

I wasn’t sure how managing my diabetes with Dario was going to work, but the Dario app recommendations and the fact that you see your daily glucose numbers really makes you realize that you need to change your lifestyle.

I started my regimen of change and kept looking for that 100% target monitoring that Dario was encouraging me to shoot for. And I started hitting it!”

These days you can find Mitch working in a lab. He is a scientist who creates formulations for antimicrobial agents. He believes, “Keeping your mind active helps to keep your body healthy.

Way to go Mitch! Dario salutes you!