When Digital Health Tools Come Together, Everyone Wins


Dario’s new partnership with Amwell supports members from point of care to everyday care.


Since 2006, Amwell has been a leader in telemedicine, giving patients a more convenient way to get traditional care without having to travel to a doctor’s office and wait around.

Telemedicine can be extremely valuable across a wide range of situations, even for patients with serious conditions. A 2017 meta-analysis, for example, showed that telemedicine reduced “all-cause mortality and … hospital admission, length of stay and mortality in patients with [heart failure].”

With telemedicine adoption levels at an all-time high after a pandemic-fueled acceleration, companies like Amwell will be taking on a greater role in the healthcare system.

In this context, Amwell’s stated vision — “to connect and enable providers, insurers, patients, and innovators to deliver greater access to more affordable, higher-quality care…by equipping clinicians, patients, and the industry that supports them with the tools to realize a better healthcare experience”—will become more important than ever before.

The opportunity for forward-thinking telehealth providers like Amwell to go beyond simply creating interactions that replicate traditional care is tremendous, and it provides the basis for our new partnership.

By offering Dario’s user-centric, integrated digital health management system to support members with cardiometabolic conditions, Amwell will be able to enhance the doctor-patient relationship, give members greater control over their own health, and will ease strain on the healthcare system by reducing the need for more serious and costly interventions.

When patients are healthier every day, doctor’s visits become more pleasant and productive, and more interactions can take place in a virtual context. Digital health solutions like Dario’s only enhance the value of telemedicine solutions like Amwell’s.

With Dario as its complementary digital health management platform, Amwell will go a long way toward helping its members realize a “better healthcare experience” from day one. The valuable digital tools Amwell can now offer include:

  • Convenient devices for tracking blood glucose, blood pressure, and weight; patients and providers can both use collected data to monitor progress
  • Educational and motivational content designed to create healthy habits, based on user preferences
  • A data-driven AI-engine that adapts to individual needs and preferences
  • Access to certified coaches

Dario and Amwell both believe that the future requires a more integrated approach to individual health, and we intend to grow toward deeper collaboration on both the clinical and experiential aspects of supporting patients.

In 2022, Amwell won Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Award for North American Virtual Care Customer Value Leadership, mainly because, “unlike other competitors, Amwell builds its platform by collaborating closely with various stakeholders and partners to evolve alongside market needs and trends…These strategic moves strengthen Amwell’s position in the market, offering differentiated value to current and future clients.”

We’re proud to be Amwell’s partner of choice in digital health. And we look forward to expanding the relationship in meaningful ways as we navigate the world of virtual care together in the years ahead.