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Dario all-in-one smart glucose meter

Welcome to diabetes management for the digital age. The Dario smart glucose meter is the perfect solution to help people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes monitor and manage their blood glucose levels – and more!

Compact, sleek, and accessible, the Dario blood glucose monitoring system fits perfectly into every lifestyle. The unique design includes a simple-to-use blood glucose meter, a disposable test strip cartridge, an adjustable lancing device, and integrates with the extremely popular Dario smartphone app. The entire system is super-compact and fits easily into your pocket or purse, making it the ideal self-monitoring solution for managing your diabetes on-the-go, anytime, anyplace.

Smartphone, smart blood glucose meter

The Dario smart meter plugs directly into your mobile device, essentially turning your smartphone into a smart glucometer. Your data is synched with the popular Dario App enabling you to conveniently measure and digitally log your blood glucose, exercise, carbs, insulin, chronic health conditions like high blood pressure and weight management, and key health metrics directly on your smartphone. And you can easily share your results with your doctor, care team, or family members so they’re always in the loop simply by selecting them from your phone contacts.

And here’s a really impactful advantage of using Dario for your diabetes management. For extra safety and security, you can set an emergency hypo alert to inform your chosen contacts of your glucose level and send a link to your location using your phone’s GPS coordinates.

Why You’ll Love the Dario Smart Glucose Meter

  • Connects directly to your smartphone – no need for extra cables or adapters
  • Rapid results – receive your blood glucose reading within 6 seconds
  • Accurate – Dario accuracy meets ISO standards with only a small blood sample
  • Pocket-Size Meter – easily fits into your purse or pocket, no need for a bulky pouch or case
  • Battery free – the power comes from the smartphone. No need to carry extra batteries for your glucose meter

The Dario App

Knowing your blood glucose (sugar) levels is a vital part of managing your diabetes and reducing your risk of diabetes related complications, but how do you interpret the results, and what do you do with the information?

This is one of the areas where the Dario App really stands out from the crowd because it makes recording, interpreting, and understanding your data easy. Having all your important information available to read on your smartphone gives you the advantage of both real-time results, and trends and patterns over time, so you can see exactly where you are today, and work towards where you want to be in the future. Clear and easily readable graphs show whether your blood glucose levels are in-range, or going up or down over 7, 14, and 30 days. And you can share the graphs with your doctor, care team, or family members by simply tapping the share icon and selecting the contact from your phone’s address book.

Another super useful feature of the Dario App is the food database of thousands of food items. Not sure how many carbs, protein, sugar, or cholesterol are in your Corn Dog? Dario does the math for you – all you need to do is decide whether to eat it or not!

The app also helps you keep track of how your activity impacts on your glucose levels by including a database of activities ranging from biking, cleaning, and golfing, to ice skating, yoga and running. You can also tag your mood, stress levels, and other parameters, to see their impact on your overall health.

Strip Cartridge

Each strips cartridge holds 25 disposable strips. Reloading your strips is a simple click and go procedure, just pull out the old cartridge and insert a new one.

Glucose Meter

The simple-to-use Dario Smart Glucose Meter measures your blood sugars (glucose) with a tiny meter that plugs into your phone’s audio jack or lightning port. Blood glucose readings are directly tracked, charted, and analyzed for you.

Lancing Device

The Dario All-In-One Smart Glucose Meter contains a lancing device for convenient blood glucose testing. Simply place your finger on the lancet end of the Dario, pull down on the lancet slider, and push the release button to use. For greater comfort when performing your finger-stick, you can also adjust the depth of the puncture setting, and the advanced technology employed by the Dario smart meter means you need only a miniscule 0.3 microliters of blood to get an accurate result.

Smart Mobile Device Integration

The Dario Smart Glucose Meter is cleared for use with a variety of iOS and Android smartphone devices. The glucose meter pops out of the all-in-one device and plugs directly into the headphone socket or lightning port of your smartphone. Your blood glucose readings and additional data are automatically synced each time you connect your Dario making it easy to view everything in the Dario App. Your personal data is stored securely in our cloud server, giving you the option to allow your medical team to view your results for ongoing remote care, or to share when you’re at the doctors’ office.

Web Portal

With the Dario monitoring system, you also have the option to view and share your results through the Dario WebPortal. Digitizing your diabetes information with Dario’s cloud-based software provides you with a seamless way to record, track, analyze, manage, and share your data in one integrated platform. Your synced and up-to-date data is available for your healthcare team and loved ones to easily access.

Dario Membership Plans

Dario also offers personalized Diabetes Success Plans designed to take your diabetes management to the next level. These plans are evidence-based and scientifically proven to improve health outcomes through individual, personalized support, and a dedicated Dario Coach. The plans have all diabetes supplies fully covered with UNLIMITED test strip and lancet refills sent straight to your door, so you never run out. Find out more about the benefits of membership.

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