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Dario’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and health equity means ensuring consistent and continuous improvement in serving everyone with a chronic condition, regardless of their diversity dimensions while celebrating those things that make us each different.

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We believe diversity and inclusion means everyone has the right to health care that acknowledges and celebrates their unique differences.

The lack of diversity in health care has been shown to lead to negative health outcomes, from health complications to higher mortality rates. Embracing diversity and encouraging cultural competency improves empathy in everyone, and improves our ability to empower members to take control of their health.

All communication through Dario’s platform is tailored to individual user preferences, including cultural preferences around things like food choices, exercise, and degree of family involvement in care. The DarioHealth application is available in 6 languages, and multi-lingual health coaches are available. All Dario coaches are trained in The Dario Way, an approach to health coaching that emphasizes how culture (individual values, beliefs, and traditions) affects well-being, distress, and health. Dario services are informed by multicultural models such as the RESPECTFUL model.

We believe health equity means everyone has the opportunity to be as healthy as possible.

For many, healthcare access is limited by factors such as lack of transportation, ability to take time off from work, language barriers and other cultural differences. Long-standing systemic health and social inequities have put many racial and ethnic minority groups at increased risk of getting sick and dying.

Supporting diverse communities means committing to offering affordable, easy to use, accessible tools and resources that are culturally informed to help individuals manage and improve physical health—between provider visits and in situations where access to providers is limited.

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We believe that Dario’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and health equity starts by supporting our team members in the same way we support our members.

The reasons for so many of the existing health inequities facing our members are vast, complex and stubbornly entrenched. As a company that puts our members at the center of everything we do, we recognize that committing to address these problems requires an all-inclusive view – which starts in our own backyard. We must ensure the environment we create for our staff reflects those same priorities and everyone feels equally supported and respected. Elevating our internal company culture to the ideals that we aspire to externally is how we can best affect meaningful change for everyone.

 Supporting Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity Around the World

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