Integrated Digital Solutions​

Holistic Care for
Musculoskeletal Health

Dario Musculoskeletal Health

Managing chronic pain and other musculoskeletal health issues between doctors’ visits doesn’t have to be difficult. Dario Move is a clinically proven digital therapeutic solution designed to make it easy for people to address a wide range of musculoskeletal (MSK) needs.

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Dario Move

Using principles of behavioral science to keep users engaged for long-term success, Dario Move provides everything people need to improve MSK health for better results.​

A convenient single sensor

Evidence-based assessments and exercise

Highly personalized digital support

Access to live coaching

Digital Exercise

Validated computer vision screenings for accurate

A single, convenient Smart Sensor for strength and
mobility exercises

Personalized exercise programs, with support from health coaches and oversight from licensed Physical Therapists


Posture for Wellness and Safety

Wearable posture trainer for improved alignment

Unlimited access to exercises

Real-time coaching to improve and maintain better

Sustainable Results through
Hyper-Personalized Care

Dario gets great results because the solution uses real-time data analysis and coordination with dedicated coaches to tailor the health management experience to each user, even when circumstances that could cause setbacks occur.