Managing diabetes, blood pressure, and weighT

Our clinically proven solution helps people with chronic metabolic conditions form healthy habits.

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“My A1c is the lowest it’s ever been.
My doctor can’t believe the progress I’m making!


“My blood pressure is doing wonderfully better and since I’ve been eating so much better my blood sugar has been phenomenal.”


One powerful experience

People with metabolic concerns need support to help develop healthy habits that are relevant for their unique day-to-day needs. Using the principles of behavioral science to keep users engaged for long-term success, Dario delivers everything people need to change their lives for the better:

Connected Devices

Personalized Digital Support

Personal Health Coaching

Accessible Expert Support

individual needs

Unlike other solutions, Dario’s integrated platform makes it easy for people with metabolic issues—and related conditions like pain and depression—to get on the path to better health.

“Multiple chronic conditions impact people in different ways. Dario meets each user where they are today and evolves with them as priorities change.”

Omar Manejwala, M.D., CMO

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Control over diabetes

Dario’s evidence-based, personalized approach takes the guesswork out of managing diabetes.
Our success plans include detailed reports, unlimited supply refills, and access to certified coaches.

Proven results:


in eA1C, on average

*Decrease in estimated HbA1c for high-risk users over a full year monitoring with a digital diabetes management system. AADE 2018

Lower blood pressure

Now it’s easy to make the changes needed to lower blood pressure.
Our success plans include detailed reports, unlimited supply, and access to certified coaches.

Proven results:


in blood pressure by one stage

*Users with type 2 diabetes using a digital platform experienced sustained improvement in blood glucose levels. ADA 2020 860-P

Long-term weight loss

Weight loss goals and improved health are easily achievable with a personalized solution.
Our success plans include a Dario Smart Scale, mobile app, and our motivating coaching program.

Proven results:

10% average

in BMI

*Digital Therapeutics for Type 2 Diabetes: Incorporating Coaching Support and Validating Digital Monitoring, JDST 2021