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Behavioral Health

Dario Behavioral Health

More than half of people who need help find themselves unable to access care that will help address their unique needs. Our comprehensive platform combines the core principles of identification, navigation, and delivery to ensure every individual has access to the care they need

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Dario powered by wayForward

Dario powered by wayForward offers easy access to comprehensive, evidence-based mental health care. Intelligent assessments help recommendations and connect people to the right care for their needs in less than day.

Connecting People
to the Right

Connecting People to the Right Evidence-Based Care

AI-guided triage and assessment

Wide range of treatment options, including
certified behavioral health coaching and
digital self-guided programs

Seamless referrals to partner resources such as
in-network therapist

Hyper-Personalized Experiences

Dario’s mature AI tailors each person’s experience using multi-year consumer engagement data and real-time user data, adapting over time as needs change to keep people engaged and on track over time.

Proven and Sustainable Results

Dario tailors the health management experience to each user, using continuous real-time data analysis to adapt each person’s journey as their preferences and needs change over time.