Dario Contracts with New Employer for Cardiometabolic Solution

Demand for Dario’s integrated cardiometabolic solution continues to grow as employers grappling with the surge in GLP-1 medication utilization search for proven ways to change health behaviors

NEW YORK, November 27, 2023 – [CURRENT DATE]– DarioHealth Corp. (Nasdaq: DRIO) (the “Company”), a leader in the global digital health market, announced today a new contract to provide its cardiometabolic solution to an employer (the “Employer”) beginning in January 2024.

The Employer, a national financial and business services company, selected Dario to improve the cardiometabolic health of its population with an integrated solution for diabetes, pre-diabetes, weight management and hypertension along with tailored support for employees taking a GLP-1, or anti-obesity, medications. Dario combines intelligent technologies and expert human support to deliver highly personalized experiences using insights from ten years of consumer engagement and is proven, in prior studies, to provide sustainable improvements in clinical outcomes.

“Dario is seeing increased interest in our proven ability to help people achieve better cardiometabolic health through sustained behavior change, a requirement for people using medications such as GLP-1s. We are excited to support our new client’s business goals with effective and easy-to-use solutions which we believe employees will love,” said Rick Anderson, President of Dario.