Dario Demonstrates 12 Months of Sustained Healthy Behavior Change for Members Taking a GLP-1

New research confirms behavior change driven by Dario digital platform is sustainable for 12 month period and supports clinical results for members taking a GLP-1

Additional research demonstrates 31% of Dario members with Type 2 diabetes achieve results reflecting diabetes remission

NEW YORK, June 25, 2024 — DarioHealth Corp. (Nasdaq: DRIO) (the “Company”), a leader in the global digital health market, announced today two new studies presented this past weekend at the 84th Annual American Diabetes Association (ADA) Scientific Sessions in Orlando. The first study provides an analysis of member data for those tracking a GLP-1 medication in Dario’s cardiometabolic solution.

Adopting healthy behaviors while taking a GLP-1 is crucial for the efficacy of the drug. The sustainability of these behaviors is proven to be achievable through the innovative technology behind Dario’s cardiometabolic solution and integrated tools for GLP-1 medications. Sustainable behavior change allows users to continue to realize healthy outcomes after offboarding the drug.

“This new research shows there is tremendous value in giving people a digital health solution designed for behavior change alongside GLP-1 medications. We are excited to see this early data reinforce what we have seen in general member population: our highly personalized approach to behavior change works,” said Yifat Hershcovitz, PhD., Vice President of Clinical and Scientific Affairs at Dario.

“Standards of care for cardiometabolic health are evolving thanks to new GLP-1 medications, but research, including Dario’s newest study, continues to demonstrate the importance of effective behavior change. These medications require the meaningful and sustainable change that Dario delivers for our members and our clients to support full realization of the value of these drugs,” said Omar Manejwala, M.D., Chief Medical Officer.

Dario Members Sustain Healthy Behaviors for 12 Months Alongside While Taking a GLP-1

To understand how Dario can best support members taking a GLP-1, a retrospective analysis was conducted using data from members using Dario to manage Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes and taking either Metformin, a standard medication prescribed for diabetes, or a GLP-1. Both member groups were tracked for 12 months as they engaged with Dario’s digital chronic condition solution to measure blood glucose levels and track lifestyle activities such as diet and exercise. Members also utilized Dario’s Medication Cabinet feature to log Metformin or GLP-1 dataset reminders and report adherence.

The data showed significant improvement in adopting healthy behaviors over a 12-month period across both groups as shown by increased tracking of healthy lifestyle behaviors as shown by logged meals and physical activity beginning in the first three months and sustained through the 12-month period.

Dario members using a GLP-1 also experienced additional improvements to outcomes and behavior change compared to the group using Metformin:

  • Dario members using a GLP-1 experienced a significant reduction in blood glucose levels in the first 5 months with the changes sustained through the rest of the year
  • Dario members using a GLP-1 demonstrated a significant increase in the monthly number of weight measurements over 12 months

31% of Dario Members with Type 2 Diabetes Achieve Results Consistent with Diabetes Remission

Additional research presented by Dario at the ADA conference examined Dario’s ability to help members realize the goal of diabetes remission for people living with Type 2 diabetes. The ADA considers remission to be achieve when an individual with Type 2 diabetes sustains normal blood glucose levels of less than 6.5% HbA1c for three months without the aid of a diabetic medication.1

This retrospective study analyzed the data of 7,240 individuals with Type 2 diabetes using Dario to help manage their condition without the help of insulin for at least six months. The results demonstrated a significant impact:

  • 31% of Dario members experienced blood glucose levels reflecting the goal of diabetes remission with average blood glucose readings of less than 140 mg/dL (A1c 6.5%) during a three-month period
  • 70% of Dario members who achieved a blood glucose level of less than 140 mg/dL in their last month of usage maintained it for three-month period, indicating behavior change and improved long-term glycemic control
  • Lifestyle activities as shown by logged meals and physical activity moderated the reduction in average blood glucose levels and high readings ratio.

“Diabetes remission is becoming a more popular goal for people living with Type 2 diabetes as more clinicians and people realize the immense benefits to their overall health. This new research shows that when we empower people with the right solution, we are giving them the ability to do so much more than control their blood glucose; they are able to make incredibly hard changes to accomplish their health goals,” said Yifat Hershcovitz, PhD., Vice President of Clinical and Scientific Affairs at Dario.

“This data is incredibly exciting and confirming of our approach at Dario. We want every member to find value in Dario, and for those who seek remission of their Diabetes, we can confidently say we can help them achieve this goal. This is also extremely important for our clients as we can demonstrate once again that our highly personalized approach to engagement delivers best-in-class outcomes to support chronic condition management goals,” said Omar Manejwala, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Dario.

1 Riddle MC, Cefalu WT, Evans PH, Gerstein HC, Nauck MA, Oh WK, Rothberg AE, Le Roux CW, Rubino F, Schauer P, Taylor R, Twenefour D. Consensus Report: Definition and Interpretation of Remission in Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes Care 2021 Oct 1;44(10):2438–2444. doi: 10.2337/dci21-0034

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