Remote Patient
Monitoring Solutions

Better Behaviors for Better Outcomes

Improve Chronic Conditions from Afar

COVID-19 is upending traditional care models as virtual care replaces in-person visits for many cases. DarioHealth RPM solutions enable providers to maximize out-of-office patient management with highly engaging technologies that deliver real-time insights.

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Meaningful and sustained engagement

Dario solutions drive meaningful engagement, with innovative tech that has been honed over almost a decade of consumer use. We are proud to have a retention rate of 80% after a user’s first year, and our app holds 4.9 our of 5 stars in the Apple app store. With Dario, you can be confident that your patients will have all the support they need to stick with the program.


retention rate

after 1 year1

1Dario Internal Data Analysis, 2021

Performance powered by technology

Our technology improves efficiencies, enabling you to manage patients and prioritize interventions as needed. Dario is designed to give providers the tools to understand and influence patient behavior between office visits. We put patient insights at your fingertips in real time so you can impact patient health when it matters most.

Proven clinical results

30 clinical studies to date demonstrate significant improvements in clinical outcomes.