Personalized Health Management

Empowering people with chronic conditions to navigate their health journeys with personalized, data-driven solutions.

Our Targeted Health Platform

The human body is complex and unique. Every individual is impacted by their genetic heritage, lifestyle choices and daily actions.


Our Targeted Health Platform is a highly personalized preventative and proactive approach to health improvement based on individual behavior and treatment, tailored to each person’s unique personal and profile.


DarioHealth removes the guesswork with user-centric, data-driven health solutions empowering each person to get the right care, at the right time, to effectively manage their chronic conditions.

  • MyDario

    Personalized, real-time diabetes management with slick device & connected mobile app



    Sleek, accurate, all-in-one Smart Glucose Meter syncs with our mobile app to provide real-time actionable insights and support guiding people with diabetes through their lifestyle change. A monthly supply of easy-to-use strips adds peace of mind throughout every diabetes day.

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  • Dario Engage

    Dynamic engagement platform trusted by healthcare providers, wellness service providers & coaches to monitor & manage diabetes populations

    Dario Engage

    Dario Engage

    Healthcare and wellness service providers & coaches trust Dario's real time 100% data-capturing, dynamic engagement platform to seamlessly integrate with their clinical, coaching & prevention programs to monitor, engage and manage their diabetes populations from pre-diabetes to type 1 & type 2.

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  • Dario Intelligence

    Big Data and AI for Real-time and Predictive-based Healthcare innovation, research and optimization

    Dario Intelligence

    Dario Intelligence

    Health & technology innovators, EMRs and others partner with Dario to harness the power of our cloud-based, real-time, 100% data capturing platform, big data and predictive analytics to research, run, optimize and auto-document their health-based projects

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Everybody Wins

User-centric, Data-driven
Personalized Health

Improved Clinical

Minimal Healthcare


Dario empowers people worldwide with better control & peace of mind through their daily lifestyle and medical challenges with diabetes

Health Providers

Full population coverage from pre-diabetes to type 1 & type 2, and gestational diabetes for healthcare & wellness service providers and coaches


Personally relevant, targeted health improves care and avoids complications and unnecessary intervention


Empower employees to better manage their diabetes with peace of mind and less days away from work

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The world leading Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring System has US FDA clearance and approval from the European CE, Health Canada, and Australia’s TGA. It is commercially available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and Australia.

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