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Integrated solutions for chronic conditions

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Dario offers next-gen digital health solutions that help people make meaningful and lasting changes. Driven by AI, the platform applies tens of billions of data points from over 200,000 users in combination with each person’s unique data and preferences. We harness the power of evidence-based behavior science to drive better health.

Personalized Care Every Step of the Way

Applying proven behavioral science, we help people stay on track through the challenges of everyday life. Dario makes it easy to manage chronic conditions with one integrated, member-centric set of solutions. Our smart devices, combined with intelligent analytics and billions of data insights, enable a holistic approach to each person’s unique health needs. Real-time connectivity means every interaction is delivered and analyzed in the context of real-life circumstances for maximum impact.

Innovative Technology
+ One-On-One Support

We combine transformative technology with expert one-on-one coaching for complete chronic condition management. Data science is the backbone of both our advanced platform and our human support, which work together to deliver a holistic care experience.



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1Dario Internal Data Analysis, 2021

Access to Actionable Insights

Our solutions enable access to real-time data at the individual level and across populations. Whether you are a Dario user trying to get healthier, a care coordinator in a large physicians’ group, or a care manager at a health plan, you can easily find actionable insights based on the most current information. No black box here! Transparency is an integral part of our approach.

Making better health easy for people living with chronic conditions

I joined Dario because of the coaching. I like the fact that a coach will check on me regularly and encourage me to do better.

Maritza Santiago

Dario member

Your system works and works well. Monitoring with Dario helped me drop my A1c from 7.0 to 6.5.

Mitch Fadem, LtCol USAFR (ret)

Dario member

I love this thing! It’s been able to help me maintain probably the best control over my diabetes numbers since I was diagnosed, and it’s been a long time since I’ve been diagnosed.

Keith Royal

Dario member

High-Impact Results

We’ve validated our clinical impact with 30 published studies, demonstrating consistent improvements in the health of our members.