Tech is having a moment

Technology has made huge advances in the last few years. Chat GPT has exploded in popularity and has gained traction in a wide range of areas. And it’s really hitting at the right time – healthcare providers are implementing AI tools because they are reliable and effective.  A recent study done by the Capgemini Research Institute found that 63% of respondents are excited by the prospect of generative AI aiding with more accurate and efficient drug discovery, and 67% of indicated that they could benefit from receiving medical diagnoses and advice from generative AI.

It’s also a time when healthcare providers are dropping out of the field due to age, stress, burnout and feeling like they don’t really care for patients – beaten down by administrative tasks and policies and procedures that must be followed. As boomers start exiting the workforce, it has the potential to send this country into panic due to the lack of doctors and nurses needed to treat an aging population.  

According to CNBC, 83% of executives agree that science tech capabilities could help address health-related challenges around the world.


With the younger generations entering the workforce, they’ll be a huge shift in how we communicate and interact.  These employees are digital natives.  Some don’t even know what a floppy disk is or will ever need a land line phone.  They speak the language of technology, and they will influence how the future of healthcare is delivered.  We saw the boom with COVID-19 which really propelled us forward but in a chaotic state.  The world is now sorting out what worked and what didn’t and is measuring digital adoption rates. Being able to digitally care for your own health is not only empowering but probably very necessary.  

Digital health: Power to the people 

Digital health gives people greater control over their own health in between doctor’s visits, so when physician interventions are needed, they’re less frequent and less severe. Digital health management includes all the digital tools that help patients make healthier choices and create healthier habits, from collecting blood glucose data on a smartphone and watching educational videos to automated medication reminders and contact with a dedicated coach. According to Anita Burrell, the chair of ISPOR’s Digital Health Special Interest Group: “That’s the promise of digital health—this promise to have efficiency improved outcomes, personalization, patient involvement, the possibility to be able to monitor patients more effectively so that we get a better understanding of how medicines may or may not be working or how their conditions develop.”

Dario Health is digital first. We see ourselves as the most affordable, tech-savvy solution that is proven to improve health outcomes and reduce costs.  And all without charging extra fees and tons of overhead for more human-centric coordination.  We are of the “teach a man to fish” school of thought – the more people can take control of their health, the better. As always, we plan to continue delivering on the promise of digital health.  

With more than ten years of direct-to-consumer experience, Dario understands what members want—and what works across populations. Our easy-to-use solutions deliver a meaningful combination of technologies, tools, and coaching that provide each person with a rewarding experience.

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