Getting that Drop of Blood: How to use a Glucometer by Dario

Sticking your fingers is intimidating, to say the least. But getting that all important drop of blood is lifesaving for people with type one and type two diabetes.

Choosing the site for blood glucose testing

Changing the sites that you use often will help you avoid bruising or scarring.

Finger sticks

Either side of your 8 fingers is okay for drawing blood to get a blood sugar reading. It is best to take blood from above the first knuckle and try to avoid the nail bed.

Alternate sites

If you play guitar or work with your hands, you may have tough fingertips.  Other sites can be used to test blood sugar.  These include your upper forearms, thigh and calves, the outside edge of your hand or the thumb at the bottom joint (ball of the thumb).

Check the alternate site with a finger stick site to be sure that these match.

Prepare the site for blood glucose testing

There are two ways to prepare the site.  First wash with soap, rinse thoroughly and dry completely.  Second , get the blood moving in the area that you are pricking.  For a finger stick, ball up your hand into a fist, lower your hand below the waist and or put your hand under warm water.  The warmer your site is the better.  For alternative sites, massage or rub the area for a bit.

The stick

To get the blood flowing, take a deep breath.  This will relax your hands and fingers and reduce constriction of your blood vessels.  Hold your hand down to get the blood flowing.  If you try an alternate site, remember that it will take longer to get blood than with a finger stick test.   Work quickly.


Maintaining the site for future use

It is important not to overuse one site so rotate sites as much as you can.  In addition, exercise will help keep your blood moving.  Using lotions can help to keep your skin supple.  Smoking is a no-no.  Not only is it bad for your health in so many ways, it also harms your circulation making blood glucose monitoring even more difficult.

Other ways to keep fingers in good shape is to use gloves for household duties like dishwashing or cleaning.  Gardening or work gloves should be used for outdoor work.


Nothing Holds You Back

Be proud of yourself and keep testing your blood sugar regularly.  It’s simple, easy and even elegant with your Dario Blood Glucose monitoring system.  With the lancets and blood glucose test strips that come with your Dario, you can get your readings in a hurry.  It will also keep up with events, what you eat, your physical activity…everything you need.  And it can keep your physician up-to-date as well.

Medical Disclaimer
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