Dario + Apple Health: Innovative Integration

What is the #1 reason digital health apps fail?

Lack of engagement.

At Dario, our top priority is finding ways to meet our members where they are – adapt to their lifestyle instead of trying to force someone into ours. We designed our engagement model to induce behavior change based on activity that improves health outcomes. Meaning we reduce points of friction and duplicity in a heath journey and avoid “click bait” tactics as measures of engagement.

If a solution is designed to reduce A1c or blood pressure but there’s no adoption or engagement, it’s essentially useless.

We realize that fitness, wellness, and nutrition play a huge role in managing chronic conditions like diabetes and obesity. With Apple Watch on the arms of 100M+ users, the decision to integrate Apple Health with Dario’s Digital Health Platform was a no brainer.

The Pressure Check:  Does the integration have value for users?

Before we launched to our full commercial membership, we tested the integration with consumers to ensure we met the mark. The results proved conclusively that integrating Apple Health data had value:

  • 98% of Dario iOS user connected to Apple Health
  • Apple watch users demonstrated 9% improvement in “active day”
  • 40% of Apple watch users said that connecting to their watch created a better experience for them in Dario

Dario strives to leverage innovative technology to create solutions that make caring for your own health easy. Stay tuned for new developments that demonstrate data driven results.

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