Smart nutrition: One bite at a time

Diet plays a key role in managing chronic conditions like diabetes – but not everyone knows what they should and shouldn’t be eating. Studies show that nutritional intervention can have a significant impact for people living with diabetes, but adapting to new dietary needs is very difficult to maintain.

This is something we see at Dario as a core need for our members, with 67% of people selecting “Healthy Eating Habits” as a personal goal, showing there is intent – but motivating long-term habits is often difficult.

The challenge: Closing the gap between knowledge and action

How can we translate the principles of healthy eating into reality? What will motivate our members to try something different? How can we reduce friction so that it’s easy to adopt new food habits?

The solution: Personalized recommendations at the point of decision

To help activate and sustain those healthier eating habits, Dario focused on practical tools that support members in the moments when it matters.

Two new tools designed to take the guesswork out of food planning: Care Kitchen and the Grocery Scanner. Care Kitchen suggests healthy recipes and the Grocery Scanner provides nutritional information for a given product. Both features offer tailored recommendations per member, depending on the state of their health. Every recipe or product gets a green, yellow, or red rating, making it clear at a glance what should go in a member’s shopping cart or on their plate.

Grocery Scanner

Guide users to make the best food choices specific to their clinical profile and health needs. From grocery shopping to picking up snacks on the go, better food choices are made easy. Help the user make healthy nutrition choices while at the grocery store by:

  • Scanning a barcode.
  • Reading its ingredients and nutrition facts.
  • Receiving clear feedback using a common signal – traffic light to help the user make informed choices.
  • Comparing between two items.
  • Educate the user about nutrition and healthy habits

Care Kitchen – Recipe Finder

Care-Kitchen’s goal is to help people living with diabetes stay on track with their dietary restrictions and to develop a healthy relationship with food by offering easily accessible meal preparation instructions from within the Dario app.

  • Dario’s app integrates with a food and nutrition database
  • Adding a “Care-kitchen” section to the app’s menu, dedicated to mindful meal planning
  • Implementing a clinical status-based search for recipes anchored in nutritional values

Harnessing the power of technology for positive and lasting change

No long articles, no calculations – each member is given the information they need to reach their goals in a way that’s easy to digest, and that is right for them. We’re proud of our high level of user engagement and retention and are always working on new ways to being value to the Dario community. More to come!

Discover the power of behavior change to transform lives with Dario

Dario is proud to have an 80% retention rate after year one.

Our user-centric approach translates into members who use the program long-term.

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