Dario + Dexcom: Accounting for consumer preference in health technologies


Dario is committed to delivering data-driven, highly personalized experiences to help people manage chronic conditions. Our integration with Dexcom’s continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is one way we meet our users where they are, adapting Dario’s solution in line with their preferences.

Seamless user experience

Dexcom device data is fully incorporated into the Dario App via a custom user interface we developed with Dexcom that is activated when the devices are synced. Dexcom CGM users have access to their data as an integrated part of their profile, including their logbook and stats, and benefit from special journeys built on their Dexcom data.

To validate the usability of the integration, we ran a beta test with our direct-to-consumer (D2C) population. Adoption exceeded the defined goal by 38%. Eighty percent of Dexcom users review their CGM summary in their Dario logbook.

The value of having Dario in addition to a CGM

There are several reasons members currently using a CGM appreciate having Dario’s smart blood glucose meter alongside their wearable technology:

  • Safety: Members with a CGM can perform manual blood sugar checks when needed as a recommended periodic assessment of CGM accuracy.
  • Ease of use: Many CGM members take breaks or stop using a CGM due to the burden of maintaining the device. Dario’s blood glucose meter is an easy and convenient device members can use as an alternative means of testing. People love it, as seen by thousands of rave reviews and consumer purchases.
  • Continuity: Whatever device a member is using, their data with Dario is stored in the same continuous profile, driving the same personalized experience, allowing ongoing health improvement progress.

We believe that the right support at the right time drives better outcomes. If our members are using CGMs – we’ll find a way to work with their devices. Integration with Dexcom is just one more way that Dario is making better health easy for our members.

Discover the power of behavior change to transform lives with Dario

Dario is proud to have an 80% retention rate after year one.

Our user-centric approach translates into members who use the program long-term.

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