Dario: Committed to Usability. Always.


Here at Dario, we are laser-focused on providing an unparalleled user experience. That means we need to anticipate and respond to changing consumer needs – and we need to do it quickly. Usability is central to our engagement model.

Ready for anything: Bring on the iPhone 15

Case in point: the recent introduction of the iPhone 15. We had a plan in place so that no Dario user would lose compatibility or motivation. Whether our users are using legacy devices or cutting-edge models – we’re ready to support them every step of the way.

Serving diverse populations for over a decade

In addition to ensuring that each user has the best possible experience, we are also committed to serving the widest population we can. That means examining every touchpoint and seeing how we can meet the Dario community’s needs. Some examples of our efforts include cellular accessibility for those without strong Wi-Fi; accounting for a range of cultural backgrounds in tools like our food tracker and in training for our coaches; and ensuring connectivity for older phones, given that not everyone has the desire or means to keep up with new phone releases.

Our solution covers a broad range of demographics:

  • 26% are 65 and older
  • 1 in 3 are Black, Asian, or Hispanic
  • 20% from the lowest socioeconomic quintile zip codes

The Dario App is available in 6 languages, and multi-lingual health coaches are available. All Dario coaches are trained to emphasize how culture (individual values, beliefs, and traditions) affects well-being, distress, and health.

Proactive beats reactive every time.

Technology is in constant motion. Who knows how many smartphones will roll out in our lifetime but no matter what, Dario is focused on the user experience to simplify how healthcare can be delivered.

Harness the power of behavior change with Dario

When you offer Dario, you’ll improve the health of your employees and the financial health of your organization.

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