Research shows that digital health lowers A1c more effectively than in-person care 

How effective is digital support for managing diabetes? Can it move the needle and make a real difference?  These are the questions that Sanofi set out to answer with their latest study.  


The study compared Dario user and non-user cohorts to get an accurate comparison of the value of digital health versus the usual standard of care. The matching process included a unique factor: matching for motivation by selecting non-users who also had similar HbA1c testing behavior under usual care with a physician. Sanofi enlisted an unbiased third party to analyze this data. 

The research demonstrates a 2.25% reduction in HbA1c for Dario users with a baseline of 9% or higher versus vs 1.8% reduction for non-users. In other words, Dario users living with serious diabetes got healthier than users who were getting expert, in-person care. That’s amazing news for people living with diabetes: It’s not either/or! You can use Dario to stay on top of your HbA1c and improve your numbers between doctor visits. These objective, validated results are bring presented by Sanofi at the American Diabetes Association 83rd Annual Scientific Sessions. 

This is the second study published as a result of Dario and Sanofi’s groundbreaking collaboration that is setting new standards in digital health research.  These studies are based on real-world digital health data and use rigorous methodologies, resulting in higher quality evidence generation. The first study examined the economic impact of digital health solutions, demonstrating a 9.3% reduction in all-cause healthcare resource utilization (HCRU), with a 23.5% reduction in hospitalization 

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