Dario Introduces Medication Cabinet

Dario is always striving to introduce high-impact innovations to help our members take control of their health. We know that many people struggle to follow their doctor’s orders regarding their treatment. Here are some sobering stats: According to the CDC, about one in five new prescriptions don’t get filled all, and among those that are filled, about half are taken incorrectly, particularly with regard to duration, timing, dosage, and frequency.[1]

Given that so many Dario members take medications to help manage their conditions, including GLP-1s for diabetes control and weight loss, it made sense to help them with adherence by adding support in the app.

Introducing the Medication Cabinet

Dario created the Medication Cabinet feature to give members the tools they need to stick to their medication regimen. It only takes a minute to scan a barcode and add a medication, with prompts for quickly adding all the relevant information.

The app supports both over the counter and prescription medication so people can get the full picture of what they are taking. It’s easy to create reminders and to indicate whether a medication was taken or not.

A bitter pill or easy to swallow?

Identifying a need isn’t enough. If we don’t meet our users where they are, they won’t engage with the program and won’t achieve the clinical outcomes that can move the needle. To that end, we set out to test the Medication Cabinet with consumers and to see how it is received in the real world.

User adoption exceeded our goals: more members entered medications, created reminders, and marked that they took their medication than estimated. One hurdle met!

The second hurdle: was it useful? When polled, the test group was overwhelming positive about the efficacy of the new feature:

  • 70% answered it helped them keep on track of their medication routine
  • 60% found the medication reminders useful

We are all about data-driven results. Watch this space – more to come!

[1] CDC Grand Rounds: Improving Medication Adherence for Chronic Disease Management — Innovations and Opportunities | CDC

Harness the power of behavior change with Dario

Dario is proud to have an 80% retention rate after year one.

Our user-centric approach translates into members who use the program long-term.

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