Dario Introduces GLP-1 Behavior Change Program for Weight Loss and Better Health Outcomes 


As prescription medications evolve and improve, healthcare needs to respond accordingly. It’s critical that digital health resources are nimble so they can support people wherever they are on their journey. Their value lies in leveraging technology quickly to meet changing market needs. 

The explosive popularity of GLP-1s and other anti-obesity drugs has been transformative for the weight loss world, but it has also raised concerns: Who is doing this prescribing? Are they clinicians who are trained in dealing with the side effects of these powerful drugs? Are people getting checked thoroughly before they have a prescription in hand? There is much ink spilled about the incredible results that people are achieving with these drugs – and they are unprecedented. But the drugs themselves and the rapid weight loss that accompanies them need to be managed. 

Dario has always helped its members manage prescription medications and their impact. It’s part of how we help people live healthier lives. But for GLP1 drugs, we felt it was important to create a specialized program, given the many people who are taking them, the increasing reports of side effects, and the documented weight gain that happens when people go off these drugs.  

These medications on their own are not a cure-all. Early research highlights one key challenge: long-term adoption is needed to realize the full benefits of the medications for both the patient and the payer, but 2 out of 3 people stop taking these drugs in the first year. Serious chronic conditions like diabetes and obesity, which are high cost, high risk, and high demand, require additional support.  

The new program is based on our proven solution for cardiometabolic health, and we have added on new tech. GLP-1s are FDA-approved for use in adults with certain related chronic conditions when used in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet and increased physical activity. Our program is designed to help people successfully realize their weight loss goals alongside these medications and beyond their prescriptions by focusing on a whole health approach, delivering behavior change that lasts. Read our FAQ Sheet to learn more about GLP-1s.

Members in our program receive a highly personalized experience that optimizes digital support and one-on-one coaching to improve overall healthA Certified Diabetes Expert is there to on-board members. We are excited to introduce the Medication Cabinet, a digital tool that allows members to track their medication adherence. This new feature will help members manage their overall care and treatment plan in one place. Data insights will help partners better understand member adherence and the impact on overall member health.   

With this new program, we look forward bringing safe weight loss and better health to our partners and their members.

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