$5,077: What’s in a number?

Understanding how a digital health solution achieved $5,077 in cost savings for members living with diabetes


Why it matters

These cost savings are significant, given that the cost of diabetes per member per year is estimated to be $9,600 and rising, with care costs growing at close to 20% year over year.  And while the prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes in the US, 37 million and 100 million respectively, continues to skyrocket, it’s becoming critical to implement solutions to reduce cost and improve health outcomes.

Even with the onslaught of drugs like GLP-1s approved to treat obesity (not just diabetes), the cost tops out at $17K per year with mixed results. People are losing weight and improving their numbers, but terrible side effects and a prohibitive price tag often lead to termination of treatment.

How we got there

The research data, presented by Dario partner Sanofi at this year’s American Diabetes Association 83rd Scientific Sessions, used real-world clinical and financial data to compare Dario users living with diabetes to non-users. Our goal is to educate the market so that employers and health plans can give their employees and members the tools they need to achieve success – benefiting all parties involved.

Breakdown of cost savings

  • 19% reduction in office visit charges
  • 23.5% reduction in in-patient hospitalizations
  • 30% reduction in 30-day readmission rates
  • 1.6 fewer days in the hospital

Digital health historically lacks the rigorous research needed to help payers assess value, and our partners at Sanofi are charting a new standard with this robust, arms-length analysis of Dario user data. We are incredibly proud to share this new data resulting from a study design to offer credible evidence of cost savings.

Financial Case Study: Reduce Medical Costs with Dario Digital Heal Solutions

Spend related to diabetes presents a huge financial burden for the 37 million Americans living with diabetes and the 100 million prediabetic adults.

Learn how Dario digital health solutions help offset the costs of cardiometabolic chronic conditions and improve your bottom line.

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