Revolutionizing employee health for weight management: Dario forms new partnership for GLP-1 Medications

Dario has recently inked a new agreement that underscores its commitment to revolutionizing employee health. Set to kick off in January 2024, the national logistics company partnering with Dario has chosen to harness the power of Dario’s integrated approach. This initiative aims to provide comprehensive support for employees dealing with diabetes, pre-diabetes, hypertension, and those taking GLP-1 medications.

This strategic collaboration enables Dario to extend its proven solutions, blending cutting-edge technologies and expert human support. Drawing upon a wealth of data insights accumulated over a decade of consumer engagement, Dario ensures highly personalized experiences. The focus is on fostering long-term behavior change, a key factor in achieving optimal results for individuals over time.

The logistics company’s choice of Dario is particularly relevant in the context of the challenges posed by GLP-1 medications for employers and payers alike. Rick Anderson, President of Dario, emphasizes the significance of this new contract as a testament to Dario’s role in assisting employers to tackle the escalating and costly issues surrounding employee health.

Dario’s GLP-1 solution goes beyond meeting the FDA’s behavior change support requirements. It seamlessly integrates with the cardiometabolic solution, offering tailored experiences for individuals using GLP-1 medications or other anti-obesity drugs. This includes a personalized blend of digital coaching and professional human support, with input from Certified Diabetes Educators to enhance overall health.

To enhance the member experience, Dario provides access to its Medication Cabinet, a digital tool facilitating the tracking of medication adherence. Members also benefit from tailored lifestyle change programs and tools designed to support sustainable behavior change. The data insights derived from Dario’s solution empower partners to gain a deeper understanding of member adherence and its impact on overall health—an invaluable asset in navigating the complexities of employee health.



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