New research study proves reduced readmission rates and length of stay for people living with type 2 diabetes

Award-winning research with incredible results: 36% reduction in 30-day hospital readmissions for Dario user 

Study shows that Dario reduces costs through lower utilization of expensive healthcare resources and wins prestigious gold ribbon at AMCP-Nexus 

New research data presented by Sanofi U.S. at AMCP-Nexus found that using Dario’s digital health solution delivered significant financial and clinical outcomes for people living with type 2 diabetes compared to non-users: 

  • 36% reduction in 30-day readmission rate 
  • 1.6 fewer days in the hospital 

This research was awarded an AMCP-Nexus Gold ribbon after assessing for relevance, originality, quality, bias, and clarity by a panel of independent judges. 

Amazing savings 

 The study findings translate directly into concrete savings for payers. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), the average Medicare readmission hospital cost is $15,500. According to Becker’s Hospital Report, the average cost per hospital day is: 

  • Nonprofit hospitals: $3,013 
  • For-profit hospitals: $2,296  
  • State/local government hospitals: $2,742 

Clinical Results Support HEDIS Measurements

Additional studies show Dario’s ability to support HEDIS quality measurement criteria for reducing HbA1c, an important metric for Medicare and Medicaid health plans. It also highlights the value of engagement with Dario. 

  • Lowered HbA1c below 8% from an initial baseline >8%  
  • 2.25% reduction in HbA1c for Dario users with a baseline of 9% or higher versus vs 1.8% reduction for non-users 

 As part of our consumer-driven approach, we will continue studying what works for Dario users, and adapting accordingly. More research to follow! 

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